Erik Jimenez

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Guyver: The BioBoosted Armor

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor entails a story that has originated since the beginning of life itself. Millions of years later, the story begins with a regular high school boy, Sho Fukamachi, and his best friend, Tetsuro Segawa.

Growing up while living their lives as normal teenagers, unbeknownst to them secretly working in the shadows of their little world, lays a dark organization brewing with unimaginable power and cruel intentions. An organization so powerful, they plan to conquer the entire world. That organization is the Kronos Corporation. But the only obstacle that stands in their way for world domination is Sho Fukamachi, with the help of the Guyver unit and his friends. All together, they fight the Kronos Corporation and their henchmen to stop their plans from becoming a horrific reality.