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Guyver Unit

Unit G

The Guyver unit, sometimes also called Unit G, is a living organic armor, capable of manipulating and enhancing the physical characteristics of another organic living being. In its initial state, it is encased in a 12 inch diameter by 4 inch thick container, with a central processor metal placed at the center of the unit. When it comes in contact with a human being, it breaks out of its organic casing and latches on to its chosen host, completely surrounding the specimen as it generates a transformation. Determined by the central processor metal called a Control Metal, the unit shapes a unique form of organic living armor that boosts the functions around the wearer based on the host's genetic makeup. The result is a powerful and a dangerous biologically enhanced life form, known as a Guyver.

Before the creation of mankind, three Guyver units were created and brought to Earth by, what Kronos calls them as, The Creators. Millions of years later, Kronos discovers the three Guyver units from an ancient spaceship that was left underground by The Creators. It was not until some time later that the three Guyver units were stolen away from Kronos by one of its zoanoid test subjects. After a brutal confrontation by Kronos' henchmen with the zoanoid test subject, the Guyver units were scattered across Mount Narisawa, mountains located in Japan. Since then, all of the Guyver units had been activated, as three different hosts for each of the three units were found and selected.