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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Guyver: Bio Boosted Armor series? Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions made by the Guyver fans from around the Internet. If there is a question that has not been answered here, go through the various sections of the Guyver Solution Web site for the answer. Contact us for any other questions or information that is inaccurate here. As more information about the Guyver series is being made, so will the information found here be updated as well.

Q1. What Series were Made for the Guyver: Bio Boosted Armor Story?

The Guyver: Bio Boosted Armor was released in the following list of media formats:

  • Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (Manga) - Monthly Shonen Ace from Kadokawa Shoten - 1985 to Present
    (formally published in Monthly Shonen Captain magazine and Monthly Ace Next magazine)
  • Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (TV Anime) - FUNimation Entertainment - 2005 to 2006
    (formally released by ADV Films Incorporated)
  • The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor (OVA Anime) - 1989 to 1990 and 1992
    (formally released by Manga Entertainment and by U. S. Renditions)
  • Guyver: Out of Control (OVA movie) - Dark Image Entertainment -
  • The Guyver or Mutronics (live-action movie) - New Line Cinema -
  • Guyver: Dark Hero (live-action movie) - New Line Cinema -

Q2. Who Created the Guyver: Bio Boosted Armor Series?

The Guyver: Bio Boosted Armor story was created and written by Yoshiki Takaya (Takaya Yoshiki) of Akita, Japan, born on . The Guyver: Bio Boosted Armor is the only manga title that he had created as a manga writer.

Q3. How Many Chapters and Books (Volumes) are there in the Guyver Manga Comic Series?

There are presently 201 chapters and 32 books or volumes, and continuing. On , Yoshiki Takaya's manga comic was published by Monthly Shonen Captain magazine and Monthly Ace Next magazine, but was later published by Monthly Shonen Ace magazine.

However, the real number of chapters to the Guyver manga series is not always accurately known. As new sets of manga pages are printed by Monthly Shonen Ace magazine, it is assumed that a brand new chapter is being released. By the time that a complete book or volume is developed, the actual number of chapters in the book or volume may be less than the predicted number of chapters, when sets of manga pages are published by Monthly Shonen Ace magazine. A completed book or volume may contain sets of manga pages, originally published by Monthly Shonen Ace magazine, as being a part of a single chapter. Therefore, when a set of Guyver manga pages is printed in a Monthly Shonen Ace magazine, it is possible that it could be an incomplete chapter. A single chapter could be divided in to two or more parts when it is originally published.

Q4. Has the Guyver Manga Comic Series been Translated in to English?

Yes, and no. A company called Viz Media had translated the Guyver manga comic series up to book or volume 12, giving the title as Bio-Booster Armor Guyver. Another company known as Chuang Yi Publishing had also had published their own English translation called Guyver, but was only capable of releasing translated comics up to book or volume 10 due to licensing issues.

Q5. Where Can I Read or Buy the Guyver Manga Comic Series?

A Japanese magazine called Monthly Shonen Ace magazine is presently publishing new Guyver manga chapters in their monthly magazines, usually found at every new edition. For the original manga and the English translated manga comic version, these may be sold at your local comic book store. The original Japanese manga comic books can be bought online at CDJapan's Web site or at Amazon Japan's Web site.

Q6. How Many Seasons are there in the Guyver Television (TV) Anime Series?

There was only one season, containing 26 episodes, that was created for the Guyver Television (TV) anime series. It was originally aired in Japan from 2005 to 2006. Unfortunately, this has also been the first and the last season to this anime, as sources have said that the series had came to an end.

Q7. What is the Difference Between the Guyver OVA Series from Manga Entertainment and U. S. Renditions?

U. S. Renditions was the first company that had released the English translated dubbed version of the Guyver OVA series in North America. However, after Manga Entertainment took ownership of the license, they have released their Guyver OVA series with a few modifications. Here are three main differences between the Guyver OVA versions released by Manga Entertainment and U. S. Renditions:

  • replaced opening and closing theme music
  • partially re-dubbed English voices
  • nudity scene cut in the last episode, number 12

Q8. Why are there only 12 Episodes in the Guyver OVA Series?

The Guyver OVA series was discontinued at the twelfth episode due to budget constraints and lack of popularity.

Q9. Can You Put the Full Episodes of the Guyver TV or OVA Anime Series Online?

Unfortunately, no. However, FUNimation Entertainment has provided the Guyver TV anime series episodes available for online viewing at FUNimation's Guyver Web site.

Q10. Where Can I Buy the Guyver Model Kits and Figurines?

Guyver model kits and figurines may be bought at your local Asian market/stores/malls for places such as import hobby stores. However, Guyver figurines are becoming discontinued. As such, online stores like Max Factory and HobbyLink Japan do not have much Guyver merchandise available on stock.